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CHALLENGE: Client sought a goal of 10% of Enrolled Members engaged within the first year after implementing Benovate.

A huge challenge for this client – Lack of contact information. They only had about 50% of their employee email addresses.

SOLVED: Benovate reached 26% engagement within 9 months! The client was thrilled! In previous programs they’d never surpassed their enrollment goals, let alone the engaged, participating levels.

As a part of their individualized program with Benovate, an outbound calling campaign was started to proactively reach out and collect contact information. Not only did this dramatically improve their engagement numbers, but it had the added bonus of providing the TPA with their employee contact information they’d previously been unequiped to gather.


26% Engaged Member Level

Within just 9 months, Benovate surpassed the goal of 10% Enrolled Member level.

What are "Member Levels?"

Instead of just looking at “Enrolled” or “Not Enrolled,” Benovate gives real data you can work with.

Eligible is the first step, then Enrolled, then Active, and finally, Managed. 

Moving members though this pathway is our specialty – Let us help you educate, and empower your employees while giving you real-time data which leads to actual risk management.


Average Engaged Members 6 Months After Kickoff

Watch how Benovate can solve your group engagement concerns

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CLIENT SUCCESS STUDY #7 – Large Employer in the health services industry


CHALLENGE: After disappointing results with a few other “wellness” vendors, CompanyW turned to Benovate for help & guidance.

“Benovate saves us more than $5,000 in time, around 2 weeks of solid work, just with the digital Benovate Premium Differential program. ”

~ Susan, VP of HR

Solve for Engagement

Within just 4 months, 70% of Enrolled Members were Active Members, and 50% of those are Managed.

Solve for Wasted Time

Imagine what a group administrator could accomplish if 2 weeks of bookkeeping, and record tracking, were taken off their plate?
SOLVED: In a complex corporate environment, there are a lot of requirements to solve for when implementing a digital program. Some vendors just aren’t equipped to handle these faceted and unique needs.

Benovate was prepared. Within just 4 months of kick-off, 70% of the Enrolled Members were Active. What’s more, 50% of those Members were considered Managed – Which means that they are regularly, and actively, learning about and managing their unique health risks.

This fall, CompanyW will conduct their first outcomes-based health screenings, and will have the power of Benovate behind them to implement their first-ever digitally managed premium differential program. Beyond just the hours, the stress, and the time saved – The program managers can now focus on making the program even more successful, instead of wasting over 2 weeks alone every year on reconciling reporting.


Read some examples of how a client used Benovate Custom Cards to increase engagement in their population.

CLICK HERE to watch a replay of the webinar where the City of Brainard joined us to share their tips!

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