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Engage. Educate. Empower.
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Benovate is a digital interactive wellness platform designed to change the way your employees think about health.

Businesses that prioritize employee wellness can reduce their team’s stress, boost morale, increase productivity and alter workplace culture for the better.

When your employees learn to make healthy choices on a regular basis, they are empowered to accomplish more.




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Relying on mandatory training, monotonous seminars or other outdated approaches to workplace wellness leaves employees feeling disengaged and apathetic — something is missing. Everyday wellbeing requires a proactive approach, and your employees need to feel a sense of purpose throughout their journeys.
Each Benovate experience is unique, as the program tailors its tips, education, challenges and incentives to provide the most relevant information for individual employees. What’s more, you don’t have to devote excessive time or resources to use Benovate — it learns from a user’s behavior to automatically generate engaging content.
Discover a workplace wellness plan that gets your team excited about improving every facet of their lives – From finances to relationships to health.

See what makes Benovate the ideal choice for forward-thinking business owners by requesting a Discovery Demo today.



Grab Your Team’s Attention

Your employees are unique and have a wide range of health and wellness needs. One generic set of information simply cannot make a difference in employee culture.

The key ingredients of our workplace health & wellness platform engage every single one of your employees.

  • Uniquely relevant dynamic content
  • Fun and easy to use — the member experience has to be top-of-the-line
  • All wrapped in a patented, modern application



“Great way to learn things about yourself and keep a positive attitude.”


“Just got into the platform and I LOVE IT! I’m excited to get back on track with my goals in all of these different areas of my life, and I’m excited to have a fun interactive tool to help promote my work on my goals.”


Top 5 Reasons Why Benovate Clients Are So Successful

We've cracked employee engagement

Get your team excited about their health and wellness.

Actual aggregated risk information

Tag and visualize employee risk information.

Ease of use

One intuitive platform — available anywhere with an internet connection.

Save time, save money

The platform requires very little planning or maintenance.

Custom = Relevant

Benovate addresses every user’s unique health needs.

Call it “wellness,” call it “better employee engagement,” call it “your awesome new workplace program” –

Whatever you call it, you need the best experience imaginable to encourage the kind of engagement your investment deserves.

It’s Not Just Informative — Benovate is Actually Fun to Use.

You have worked hard to figure out what your people need. You want to deliver the best experience you possibly can. Let Benovate’s solution for workplace wellness programs do the heavy lifting, so you and your team can concentrate on making a difference in your industry.

This is how WE support YOU

Benovate delivers what you need to share, and what your team wants to hear, at exactly the right time. We call this Relevancy, and nobody does Relevancy better than Benovate.

You have great partners, and you're always looking for more.

Perhaps you do something now for telemedicine, but you haven’t found a path to more accessible behavior health.

Benovate provides the ideal solution for situations like these. You may have found a great disease management program that speaks to a niche part of your population, but promoting that to the right people is really hard work!

You need a way to deliver that program in a modern, HIPAA compliant way. We’re constantly doing health risk identification, so you can focus on the program quality. Let Benovate help you with proven program promotion.

The best way we can show you how Benovate works is through a personalized demonstration of the program and platform — contact us now to set one up.




“It’s so simple to use, I was hooked with it the first day!” 


“I was in the dentist’s office, and I couldn’t remember any of my new insurance info. I opened the Benovate app, and it was right there for me! So nice to have everything all in one place.” 

Don't settle! Now is the time to do more.

You want your reporting to be digital, and more than just a glorified spreadsheet. We have that!

You want coordinated screenings without the hassle. Done!

You want every employee to have simple access to all the great programs you’ve implemented, probably after endless testing. Of course!

You want real data, in real time! Not just at the end of a “program year.” We do that, too!

This is the program you deserve.

Benovate is not too much to ask for. Manual tracking is difficult, and organizing your communications takes so much of your time – If we could take even some of that work off your plate, wouldn’t that be worth exploring?
Benovate is secure, always HIPAA compliant, and it scales with you as you grow.

Health and well-being is not "one size fits all."

We figure out what each unique Member and group need for their individual situation. We meet the Member where they are so they can become more in tune with their health.  

Request a Discovery Demo

Contact our team and we will help you plan a customized Benovate demonstration for your company.

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Schedule a Discovery Demo by contacting our sales team today: sales@benovate.com

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