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Do you work with a complex population or group? Do you want to make a big change at work, but you aren’t sure where to start? Fill out the form now to schedule your demo – Our consultative process is about discovering what you need, and solving for you group concerns.

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Frequently Asked

Who is Benovate for?

Benovate is for everyone! We work directly with employers, with brokers, with TPAs, etc. through our hands-on implementation process.

I'm a lost Member - Where can I sign in?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Click here => https://portal.benovate.com/

Can I sign up individual members?

We work with population groups of many different sizes, but not typically with one-on-one situations. We’re always open to exploring new scenarios however, so give us a call today so we can chat: (877) 236 – 6828.

I'm a TPA, and I work with other programs...

No problem! We often coordinate with your current programs to combine forces. Once integrated, you could offer Benovate as your solution to all your clients. Click here to learn more about how we typically work with TPAs.

Do you work with HR departments directly?

Absolutely! We love relationships where we can be hands-on with every member of the decision-making team. Be it brokers, HR departments, TPAs… we incorporate everyone so that we’re creating the best, most comprehensive solution. Read some great examples here… 

Did you know?

We have videos about every part of our platform! Here are a few of our favorites…



As you look to grow your book and retain clients, consider a solution that automatically offers different solutions to set you apart in the marketplace. Benovate® offers this, as well as the option to brand as your own white-labled solution for clients.


Benovate® offers a new outlet to generate revenue. Additionally, you can show efficacy in programs, leading to lower costs. Most importantly, you have the option to brand it as your own solution, and package for your unique services.


Every company is different – Some groups choose to manage unique, internal health and wellness programs through Benovate®, some simply rely on our content and resources. Or both! Contact us today to learn about the many different Benovate® configurations for employers.

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DID YOU KNOW? Benovate has the happiest members! Read some client success stories here...