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Employee Engagement Activities

Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

6 Employee Engagement Activities Any Organization Can Try!

Employee engagement is a popular buzzword in the corporate wellbeing sphere. But it has clear, real-world benefits… as long as activities are implemented well.

Many organizations make the mistake of relegating employee engagement to their Human Resources department. To build a true company culture of engagement, it takes an organizational commitment from all levels. Another common mistake that organizations make is assuming that they need to be a certain size to utilize employee engagement activities. Or that their industry doesn’t lend itself to traditional strategies.

It’s not true. And to prove it, below are different employee engagement activities that can work for a multitude of organizations.

Employee Engagement Activities


Encourage Knowledge Sharing

We’ve all been in organizations that were some way silo’d. It might be physical or otherwise, but when knowledge is secular and departments don’t interact, it can affect engagement levels. Increase the knowledge between departments by creating open sharing spaces. These can be physical meetups or take the form of a collaborative site where people can post ideas, ways that they’ve solved problems, and more.


Share Company Finances

Choose an interval, like quarterly or yearly, and give your team an overview on the financial state of the organization. It clearly shows how everyone’s efforts work together for a common goal: success of the company.


Provide Professional Development

One of the top reasons that employees leave organizations is a lack of learning opportunities. Humans are basically sentient plants: we need stimulation to thrive (and water and sunlight too, but that’s beside the fact). Help employees, from day one, to create a professional development plan including things they want to learn, conferences they want to attend, or whatever applies to their role.

empower your employees with


Create Communication Channels – and Keep Them Up

Generate excitement about upcoming opportunities by creating some common source of communication. It can be a weekly newsletter, an employee portal with customized feeds, whatever works well for your organization. Engagement might be slow to start, but don’t give up on it right away.


Rethink Your New Hire On-boarding

Onboarding is another buzzword in office management lingo, but just like employee engagement, it’s not something to dismiss as a trend. Onboarding sets employees up for failure or success; review your current process for welcoming new employees, and make it fun.


Don’t Forget Your Management Team

When we talk about employee engagement, the conversation tends to focus on team members and not so much on management. But these roles are key to retention yet prone to attrition. Create a coaching program for managers and focus on development areas like recognition, empathy, and other important areas.

Implement this plan and start improving your organization’s culture.

The benefits of developing an employee engagement program are numerous. Employees who are engaged are more productive, stay at jobs longer and are just happier in general. Truly caring about and valuing employees will make them value and care about their work and the success of the company. Craft a strategy zeroing in on your company needs, get buy-in from every organizational level, and implement this plan to start improving your organization’s culture.

The Importance of Company Culture

Want to learn why company culture is so important to your business and what impact it really has on your bottom line? Check out our latest blog!

There’s also a clear connection between employee health and levels of engagement. Benovate is a great solution that can help you and your company work toward better corporate culture, as well as improving the engagement levels in your employees total wellbeing, and their overall workplace satisfaction.

By utilizing our Living Growth Assessment, we can take a deep-dive into company culture and help get to the root cause of disengagement so employers can better engage their workforce. Learn more about our advanced approach to employee engagement and satisfaction.

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