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Kat Rowe

Lead Content Specialist

Kat Rowe

Lead Content Specialist

Common Wellness Program Pain Points for HR Professionals

In talking with some of our clients, we discovered that there were several common themes that kept surfacing as major pain points in their past wellness programs, that we were able to mitigate through the implementation of Benovate. We did some more digging, and compiled ten common issues that many HR professionals run into when trying to manage a successful wellness program – and how Benovate can ease that pain!

10 most frequent Wellness Program issues that many HR Professionals run into - and how Benovate can help:

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Complaint #1

Employee wellness programs have too narrow of a focus on fitness tracker based activities, and get boring quickly.

Benovate’s Solution: There is more to health then taking 10,000 steps a day – studies show that on average less than 20% of people own and use a step tracker. Benovate takes a more holistic, total well-being approach by including content and questions around relationships, growth and finances in addition to the physical health aspects.

Our Living Health Assessment and Living Growth Assessment (our version of an employee satisfaction survey) allow us to target content to individuals based on health risks, interests, and work life. We are always evolving, adding new features, and have a team dedicated to content development.

Complaint #2

It’s difficult to promote and get utilization of all the programs we already offer.

Benovate’s Solution: Our “cards” user experience is designed to show the right information to the right member at the right time.  This includes a huge library of personalized content. Our content team is continually curating the best information to inform and inspire members in ways that are personalized and relevant.

The Admin Console, personalization engine and card delivery system is available to you. Custom cards can be created to promote other existing programs to a targeted audience. Custom links can be “pinned” in the menu for quick access to other programs.

Notifications can be associated with cards, to automatically send an email or push notification related to programs, activities, or content. We also have a series of email communications promoting the launch and ongoing usage of Benovate.

A Client Kit is available to administrators with all the tools needed to promote Benovate internally, as well, making it easy to share.

Complaint #3

Many wellness programs are turnkey and generic.  They don’t allow for customization or adaptation to our needs.

Benovate’s Solution:  Benovate’s wide feature set and flexibility allows us to work with clients to execute on a solution that will work for their unique population. We ensure we understand all the variables, and that each step is communicated and verified throughout the implementation and execution of a program to make it as easy as possible for administrators.

Some of our most common customizations involve adding logos, custom links, and custom cards. Client administrators receive training on how to add cards specific to their group using our Admin Console. These custom cards can be created to promote other existing programs or events to targeted audiences.

Complaint #4

There are differences between the mobile app and desktop versions programs.

Benovate’s Solution:  Benovate has a unified experience across our app and desktop versions and we are committed to keep 100% feature parity across all platforms.

Complaint #5

Reporting is limited and difficult to access.

Benovate’s Solution:  Our survey questions and ability to connect with external sources give us an incredible amount of data that is insightful and actionable, available to administrators through the Admin Console. These insights will show you where it makes the most sense to focus your programming, and real-time aggregate data on how Benovate is being used.

Our Admin Console Dashboard goes beyond the standard metric of number enrolled by giving insight into how active a group is on a 90 day frequency, as well as what percentage is engaging specifically with risk management content.

Complaint #6

People never used our wellness programs in the past.

Benovate’s Solution:  The personalization and relevancy of Benovate drives an innate interest to utilize our program on a daily basis. Contests, notifications, tracker connections, points, and evolving Content entice the member to log in regularly and stay engaged.

Complaint #7

Incentives are difficult to manage.

Benovate’s Solution:  Incentive totals are all tracked within the platform, and a comprehensive report can be downloaded for distribution, or incentives can be distributed through our Rewards module so users can order e-gift cards on their own.

Complaint #8

The HRA takes too long to complete, isn’t valuable since it’s only taken once per year, and users don’t know what to do with the data.

Benovate’s Solution:  Our Living Health Risk Assessment can be taken all at once, or can be taken more leisurely, as a user is engaging with the platform.  Some questions will show up again on a more frequent basis so results stay up to date. Content will be based on the answers from the HRA, so it will change as answers change in order to keep content relevant and accessible when life and health changes.

Complaint #9

It’s challenging for users to determine requirements, deadlines, and progress towards meeting incentive requirements.

Benovate’s Solution:  Platform and parallel incentives are tracked within Tiles in the user platform, so it’s easy to see what needs to be done and track progress towards it.

Complaint #10

Users have to search through a library of content to find what they are looking for.

Benovate’s Solution:  Users get content delivered right to them based on all the information the platform has on the member through surveys, biometrics, claims or other third-party data sources, weeding out irrelevant information & activities.

Content continues to change as questions are answered and data is collected so it stays pertinent to the user as needs and interests change.

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