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Building Culture Through Friendly Competition

Melissa Hennessey

Benovate’s Marketing Manager

Melissa Hennessey

Benovate’s Marketing Manager

Competition Builds More Than Character

We’ve heard the old adage for years – Competition builds character! But for just as long we’ve been reading studies about competition in the workplace, and the fine line between motivating competition, and the destructive type. 

So how do good leaders find the balance? How do you stoke the fire of competition without damaging a workplace culture you’ve worked to develop and foster over time? 

Over the years we’ve worked with a variety of different clients, and the one thing they all have in common is that each culture is completely unique! So how could a competition with one set prize be sure to motivate each group? The simple answer is that it couldn’t. 


empower your employees with

Contests the Benovate way can be designed and customized for each group, making every experience unique.

Benovate Contests can be structured around 3 main metrics, and the prizes can be anything you and your team dream up! We’ve seen some great examples from our clients, we’ll just share a few here but please let us know if you’d like to set up a consultation to talk more about the types of Contests that might work best for your group!

Group of 400 Employees

A municipality in northern Minnesota

Because they are a rural community, there are only a few times a year when everyone gathers together for large events. In order to foster participation in the annual charity 5k, and to encourage more participation amongst coworkers who are spread out across 3 different sites, the leaders decided to run a Benovate Engagement Score Contest.

Engagement Score Contests encourage regular use of the Benovate platform, which builds healthy habits over time. Using the score to track participation over a set time, in this case, 2 weeks, not only increased engagement in the municipality’s workplace wellness program but it also helped to promote a cause important to the community! As a prize for the employees with the highest Benovate Engagement Scores after 2 weeks, the leaders took care of the entry-fee costs of participating in the charity 5k. 



“I think it has been a wonderful tool to engage our employees in learning more about themselves, their health, and overall improving their lives.”

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