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Learning to Read Their Minds

Melissa Hennessey

Benovate’s Marketing Manager

Melissa Hennessey

Benovate’s Marketing Manager

Employee “Satisfaction” Surveys VS. Real Growth

How do you know what’s going on in the minds of your company’s move valuable asset, your employees? It can be such a challenge trying to discern what is affecting them on a daily basis, let alone what drives them over time.

For decades, leaders in all kinds of companies have been using some kind of “employee survey,” or a “satisfaction report” in the hopes of gleaning even a little insight into what motivates their group. Is it more vacation days? Do they have too much on their plates? Are there stressors you’re not identifying?

These “Employee Surveys” would ask dozens of questions trying to lead employees to a concrete answer – What is the one thing bothering you? What’s the one thing that would make work harder?

But the only thing we’ve learned from these “surveys” is just how complex an issue this workplace satisfaction can be! So, what should we do instead?

empower your employees with

Benovate has spent years researching this exact question, and we are proud to introduce you to our solution – The Benovate Living Growth Assessment.

Similar to how our Living Health Risk Assessment answers the problem of health issues that develop and change over time, the LGA audits all of your employees regularly and then (and this is where the magic happens) Benovate guides them toward solutions unique to their own situations! Leaders in all kinds of industries have looked for a way to manage this kind of on-going guidance for decades, and finally, Benovate has the solution.

Please don’t hesitate – Call us today, or click below to schedule a call with one of our client specialists. We’re so excited to show you how this could benefit your group, your leaders and your overall workforce.

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