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Brittany Chester

Content Design Specialist

Brittany Chester

Content Design Specialist

The Best Way to Keep Our Members Engaged!

Have fun competing with other Benovate members for the best Engagement Score by completing a balance of activities in all four Benovate pillars. You can find and monitor your score and your engagement level within each of these pillars right within your Benovate Dashboard. Engagement Score contests are a great way to keep all our members involved within the platform and can be done anytime throughout the year.

What’s the Purpose of the Benovate Engagement Score?

What makes up good health? Is it running everyday and eating healthy? Is it having time to relax and supportive relationships? Or is it being successful in your career and visiting the doctor regularly? Good health consists of a combination of many different elements, and being balanced within all of them is especially important. The four pillars that contribute to your Engagement Score include Health, Growth, Relationships, and Finance.


The Health Pillar includes factors dealing with your physical health such as movement, nutrition, preventative medicine, stress management, sleep and anything dealing with your body.


The Growth Pillar involves activities that will help you expand your skills in the workplace or your personal life such as communication skills, gaining knowledge through reading or classes, volunteering, being active in your community and more.


The Relationship Pillar consists of activities to help you develop or maintain healthy relationships in your life from those with coworkers, family members, romantic partners, kids, or even pets.


The Financial Pillar aims to help to keep you regularly evaluating your financial situation with information on budgeting, investments, saving, and other topics relating to financial wellness.

The Benovate Engagement Score is used to guide our members toward a more balanced lifestyle by monitoring activities completed within each category. Any activity that is completed contributes points toward one or more of these pillars in the Benovate Dashboard. The Dashboard is made of tiles that display statistics around your health. Log in daily to make sure your pillars are balanced and your engagement score is high. Remember, good health isn’t just about completing a lot of activities in one pillar, it’s about balance in all four pillars.

How Does the Contest Work for our Members?

Each of our members are encouraged to login daily and try to meet their activity goal within all four pillars (Health, Growth, Relationships & Finance) in their Benovate Dashboard to create the highest Engagement Score. You will know when your daily goal is complete when the progress bar is full and you see a checkmark over each pillar. Remember–once you meet your goal in a certain pillar, additional activities will grey out until the following day in order for you to help maintain a state of balanced health.

Anyone who meets a certain goal/score by the end of the contest, you may be eligible to be entered into a prize drawing. Keep an eye out for any contest announcements to get specific details.

Are You Up For The Challenge?!

Members can log into Benovate ( or the Benovate App to participate in the next Engagement Score Contest!

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Benovate believes in making better health accessible to everyone customized to each unique member – our mission is to engage, educate and empower members to make appropriate health and lifestyle changes. Inspiring a healthy, total well-being.

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Benovate Engagement Score Contest

Engagement Score contests are a great way to keep all our members involved within the platform and can be done anytime throughout the year…

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