The Benovate Living Growth Assessment
The Benovate Living Growth Assessment
Kat Rowe
Lead Content Specialist

Kat Rowe

Lead Content Specialist
Keeping Employees Happy & Fulfilled with Benovate
Your workload is maxxed out, a project is boring, a co-worker is annoying – We all have temporary frustrations that make work more difficult every now and then.  No matter how much someone loves their job, it is still a job, after all. The problem comes into play when those frustrations linger, making it difficult to bounce back and stay engaged in work. A staggering 51% of employees in the United States are not or were not engaged in their work recently (Gallup, 2016). The first step in changing your workplace engagement level is understanding what is leading to this indifference. Burnout and negative culture cues are some high level indicators, but diving deeper into key measurements such as work expectations, growth opportunities, and work environment help get to the root cause of disengagement.

These factors are continuously changing, so checking in with employees on a regular basis allows for real-time feedback and intervention before employees completely check out or leave an organization.

This is the philosophy we take at Benovate – Consistent and regular micro-assessments are the key to making each individual Member experience as beneficial and impactful as possible.
What do we do with the information?
How do employers better engage their workforce?
Data collection is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding what is happening within a workforce is only as valuable as the action that is taken from that data. Benovate’s Living Growth Assessment is embedded with weekly pulse questions to support answers to longer-term work questions.  Content adapts to each individual based on their immediate needs for improving their work interest and engagement. Organizations can use our real-time aggregate data to make cultural changes in the specific areas most impacting their workforce.

Combining intrinsic change with organizational and management support lends itself to a higher rate of success for engagement.

Businesses in the top quartile for engagement see a 21% higher profitability and 41% lower absenteeism. (Gallup, 2016) Contact Benovate today for a demo of the Living Growth Assessment and begin moving your employees into that top quartile. Your employees will thank you, and your bottom line will, too.

Benovate's advanced approach to an employee satisfaction survey process.

Old “satisfaction surveys” just don’t satisfy – With the Benovate LGA, your people will feel safe answering honestly in the secure Benovate environment. Then, as the employer, you’ll get access to real-time aggregated reporting so you can make quick decisions based on what motivates your employees, not anyone else’s.
If you’re already a Member, log in to take you LGA. Or if you’re curious about bringing Benovate to your group or workplace, schedule a demo today. At Benovate, we believe in the importance of taking early action to prevent illness. Not only does it feel better than waiting for negative things to happen, but it can save on healthcare costs, too. Take the right steps now to feel better, and live better, down the road.

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