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Healthcare Revolution

Melissa Hennessey

Director of Marketing

Conference Recap from the Marketing Director and Content Specialist of Benovate

Earlier this week, a few members of the Benovate team traveled to sunny Orlando, Florida for the Healthcare Revolution conference. We were proud to be exhibiting for the first time, and made plenty of space to attend a few of the best sessions as well. I’m always looking for a chance to have a change of scenery from my regular desk-view, so I personally really enjoyed my time down south. For one, you can’t beat that weather!

I knew we’d meet a ton of great employers, and their advocates, looking for the best wellness and engagement programs for their clients and employees, but there was something I didn’t anticipate! One of the best parts of the conference was meeting all our great neighbors – There were so many wonderful exhibitors bringing exciting programs for different kinds of groups, it was really fascinating to learn about so many of them in such a short time. We’re going to be featuring a number of our new partners in the coming months here on this blog, and in our Benovate Explores webinar series. [If you aren’t already on the list, make sure you register today so that you won’t miss any of our great content.]

Kat Rowe

Lead Content Specialist

Throughout the conference,  I had the opportunity to attend a number of sessions, with the goal of getting innovative ideas for our content strategy.  I attended sessions on a wide range of topics, from diet trends to financial wellness to behavioral health. Regardless of the topic, two themes appeared over and over in each and every one – collaboration & culture.

It’s fitting that one of the best experiences for both Melissa and I was getting to know the vendors around us in the exhibit hall – we were building a friendly culture, and brainstorming ways we could support one another!  One panel I attended had a handful of employers discussing successes and barriers in their programs, and a point one of them made really resonated with me: Healthcare is like rocket science. We need to be the change makers and work together in order to make that change. No one employer or vendor can do it alone. We have recognized this at Benovate, by integrating and partnering with a number of vendors, and this gave me confirmation that we are on the right path.

Being willing to collaborate with others, within your group or with outside experts helps build the foundation for a strong organizational culture. In the past, culture has gotten a rap for being fluffy, but times are changing. Culture is the vein that runs through everything that happens at an organization, and can make or break productivity and success. One speaker made a bold statement that in 20 years, organizations that haven’t invested the time and energy to create a good culture will no longer be around, but I tend to agree. A good culture provides the support individuals need to make sustainable behavior change and take care of their own wellbeing. Wellbeing can’t be sacrificed for performance – they rise together, making better producers. Benovate will be releasing our Employee Satisfaction Survey this quarter, and we can’t wait to become a part of this change to strengthen the foundation for happy, strong, productive individuals!


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Our Final Take-Away:

Honestly, attending a conference out of town can be a lot of work. You have to coordinate flights, and rental cars, there’s the hotel rooms, and you usually have to ship all your supplies ahead of time. Not to mention all the follow up afterwards! But truly, it’s worth it just to read the feedback from our Members. Every small change we make has the ability to spiral to make a larger impact.

“Benovate is a fun way to be actively engaged in your health. Love the health Cards and the classes!”

— Katie M., Member for 5 months

“I want to share how much I enjoy this type of wellness. Learning and reminders on topics through the cards and series has been very beneficial to me.”

— Katie M., Member for 5 months

Even with all the logistics, and the extra hours, I wouldn’t exchange my spot in our booth with anyone. Having the chance to share what Benovate can do with hundreds of interested, forward-thinking employers in a few short days is tremendous experience. I look forward to the next one!

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