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meghan hatalla

Benovate’s Expert Blogger

Meghan Hatalla

Benovate’s Expert Blogger

Wellness Programs Can Improve Employee Health Habits. Here’s How.

Investing in wellness programs might be an easy thing for organizations to push aside. Time and money are in short supply at many companies; the benefits of a large-scale initiative, targeting employee health, can be a hard sell.

But that’s the thing: effective workplace wellness doesn’t have to be expensive or large scale. In fact, a recent study showed that short-term wellness intervention resulted in long-term health changes for employees. An organization created a 2.5 day program during which health coaches talked to employees about raising energy levels and meeting personal goals as well as standard health topics. Employees were monitored for six months, over which the group saw improvements to BMI, glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. It’s the first clinical study to show that even a short intervention can produce lasting benefits and changes in employee well-being.

Coaching sessions aren’t the only employee health benefit an organization can offer. Here are some of our favorite wellness initiatives that can improve employee health habits.

4 Ways Wellness Programs Can Improve Employee Health Habits:


Flexible Working Arrangements

Yes, these are considered a wellness benefit. And yes, not everyone can work from home effectively. But for those who can, offering the flexibility to login from home provides a mental and emotional break from the office, a long commute, or just the ability to handle personal situations without using PTO. Not to mention that employees working from home tend to be more productive as well.


Mindful Training

Mindfulness is a hot topic lately. It’s a strategy that helps to reduce stress and calm the mind, but also gives employees the tools they need to focus on the tasks at hand. There are many applications, from visualizations to breathing techniques to yoga, but helping employees learn techniques–and reminding them to use them–is a small investment from the organization.


Financial Education

Give employees the tools they need to be successful outside of work with their finances (beyond retirement). Money is a huge stressor for many people. Finding small, quick courses or tips on things like budgeting, saving, and other topics is a great way to alleviate that stress.


Access to Healthy Foods

Providing a variety of organic, whole foods in the cafeteria or in departments makes it easier for employees to make the healthy choice. In the summer months, consider hosting a farmers’ market onsite if room allows!

Employee health is about inspiring behavior that strives toward a better life. Creating an organizational culture supporting health isn’t as far away as you might think.

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