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Mikayla Borchert
Benovate Staff & Content Editor

Mikayla Borchert

Benovate Staff & Content Editor
The First Step to Self Help
One of Benovate’s core values is constant innovation. We’re always expanding the functionality and features in our platform to be able to serve our Members better. Today, we are excited to unveil our latest feature—Benovate Courses! In the past, we have provided a wide variety of educational content for our Members, like videos, articles, activities, and more. In fact, our Content Team researches, develops, and adds to the Benovate library on a daily basis. All of this daily content, served through our Benovate Cards, will continue, of course. On top of that, Members now have the ability to dive even deeper into specific topics. We know accessibility is one of the main keys to success when it comes to keeping engagement numbers high, and we also hear from our Members that being able to learn and interact with Benovate on their own time is important.

“Benovate is amazing and definitely increases awareness for healthier living and positive attitude.”   ~Jeff, Benovate Member

We wanted these comprehensive Courses to be accessible, as well as informative, so Courses are broken up into Lessons (like chapters in a book) so that Members don’t get overwhelmed trying take in everything at once. We’re releasing 3 Courses right away—Diabetes, Stress, and Movement. We know from our research that these are hugely important to the majority of Americans. Since these topics are so prevalent, all of our Members will be able to see these Courses to start with. As we continue to develop and release more Courses, Members will see the ones that are most relevant to them.
More about Benovate Courses:

Diabetes in Depth

About 9 out of 10 cases of Type 2 Diabetes are preventable, so why do diabetes cases continue to grow in the United States? Diabetes in Depth walks Members through how to stay happy and healthy in the face of Type 2 Diabetes. 90% of Americans with prediabetes don’t know they have it, so we take an approach that can benefit people at all levels of risk.

A Stress Strategy

Chronic stress can hurt in a big way, but it doesn’t have to. A Stress Strategy can help adjust the way Members experience stress. Stress in general can actually be healthy if it’s handled the right way. The stress many of us feel from daily duties or life events can be overwhelming, or it can be motivating. This new Course in Benovate will help train participants to put those feelings toward something good.

Movement Matters

Everyone says to exercise, but has anyone told you to simply move? Benefits can be seen without painful, boring activities. That’s right, a gym membership or a crossfit addiction isn’t required to make changes or jump-start a healthier lifestyle! Movement Matters is all about adding more movement into daily life and finding realistic ways to stay active, regardless of ability level, schedule, or personal preferences
Throughout each Course, Members will be able to answer questions to help solidify what they learn, as well as give feedback on their own situation.  Answers to these questions will help us show the Member relevant activities and reminders after the Course is completed. These activities allow the user to continue learning and working on health goals long after completing the Course. This kind of “risk related tagging” is what the “wellness” industry has been missing—It paves the way for real change in a way that other programs can’t replicate.

See it in Action!

Check out our Courses, and see more of what Benovate Solves for in a personal demo. Call or email today to get started!
If you’re already a Member, log in to see this great feature. Or if you’re curious about bringing Benovate to your group or workplace, schedule a demo today. At Benovate, we believe in the importance of taking early action to prevent illness. Not only does it feel better than waiting for negative things to happen, but it can save on healthcare costs, too. Take the right steps now to feel better, and live better, down the road.

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BENOVATE FEATURE | Benovate Courses

One of Benovate’s core values is constant innovation. We’re always expanding the functionality and features in our platform to be able to serve our Members better. We are excited to unveil our latest feature—Benovate Courses!

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