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The Holistic Approach To Workplace Well-being.


Meghan Hatalla

Benovates’ Expert Blogger

Holistic Well-being

Holistic well-being can seem like a complicated subject. No two people are exactly alike, and that’s especially true when it comes to employee health matters. It might be easy for some people to exercise daily, but then they have poor nutrition habits. Others might have great fulfilling hobbies, but temper the time on their hobbies with the realities of modern life which may consist of late hours, family obligations, commute time, and more. As individuals, we need to regularly make compromises and sacrifices to find balance.

So, what is holistic health?

Holistic health is a wellness approach that addresses both the physical and emotional/mental aspects of an individual. Making sure that all areas of life are closely connected and factor into the overall health and wellness of a person. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best that is possible.

This is where corporate well-being efforts can help out. Making it easier for employees to support physical and emotional functions is much more than providing health insurance. For example, Benovate’s member engagement platform focuses on four pillars: health, relationship, growth, and finance. These areas represent the key drivers of a holistic approach to employee heath. The numbers don’t lie: research from the Health Enhancement Research Organization has shown:

  • 25% higher job performance for employees who eat healthy
  • 27% lower absenteeism rates for employees who eat and exercise regularly

And the benefits don’t end there. Here are four more benefits organizations can expect from supporting a more holistic approach to corporate well-being.


The Evolution of Workplace Wellness.


4 More Business Benefits of a Healthy Workforce:

Increased Productivity

It speaks for itself: employees who complete tasks efficiently can take on more, with less risk of exhaustion. This in turn increases profitability, growth, and easier time meeting consumer demand and industry competition. Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of you.

Better Attitudes

Mental state and attitude vary from employee to employee, but the relationship between overall health and these factors can be addressed with a holistic wellness approach. When employees feel better—physically and emotionally—they have better critical thinking skills and resiliency. Resiliency is like a reservoir; we build up tolerance and depth, and while it might feel depleted from time to time, we can build it backup via holistic wellness initiatives. Investing in mental health and acknowledging the ability to build resiliency (as well as when it’s getting low) can deliver a powerful ROI.

Co-worker Bonding

Relationships at work can make or break a job. Feeling “in-tune” with coworkers helps build a supportive community where people feel comfortable. It can also promote wellness in many ways, from company sponsored intramural teams to simply providing accountability to each other to get healthier. Not to mention that working with friends can push people to do better through ideas, company pride, and all the benefits that come from a support network.

Happier Workplace

Introducing employee health initiatives designed to drive wellness can help achieve company goals in multiple ways. Some goals are less tangible than others, like a happy workplace. Designing an organization that is not only successful, but is a place that helps employees feel good, doesn’t happen by accident. Holistic wellness in the workplace leads to a happy workforce and a happy environment.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate wellness into health programs. From accountability groups to onsite fitness classes to just providing healthy snacks in meetings, the options are limitless. How does your organization promote holistic well-being? 

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