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Meghan Hatalla

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Impact of Wearables on Corporate Well-being:

Tracking fitness has become more than just a trend. What started as simply manually entering data into an app—a meal, a workout—has evolved into wearables. Technology that can track our every step along with our heart rate and more.

While the next generation of wearables promises to be even more robust (or intrusive, depending on your viewpoint), one thing is for sure. Employee engagement in corporate wellness program has seen dramatic increases, and this has a positive effect on the entire corporation.

Here’s how fitness trackers have changed employee engagement and boost corporate well-being:

Corporate wellbeing has many facets to it, but the most important rest on the health of employees. Employee engagement, productivity, and retention are all indicators of a company’s fitness, so to speak. And companies who help their employees become more fit see a similar return on investment (ROI)…

According to SHRM, a study on employee wellness conducted at Indiana University Health implemented a wearable engagement campaign. Ten thousand employees signed up. As a group, they reduced body mass index (BMI) by 40%; after the end of the study, 90% said they would continue the healthy habits they initiated because of the program.


of employees said they would continue with these healthy habits!

It’s clear that employees are more than willing to participate in health initiatives. As Benovate member engagement numbers show, small changes (and even small steps) can set people on the right path to positive life changes. And it’s these small steps that lead to big effects. Wearables allow employees to take charge of their health. This in turn increases their health. And when employees are healthier, they’re more productive.

Additionally, a 2013 Principal Financial Wellbeing Index study found that 45% of employees are more likely to stay with an employer who sponsored a wearable wellness program.  With retention a major indicator of corporate well-being, corporations can deploy wearable devices to lower healthcare costs while promoting employee health.



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Future of the Wearable Fitness Tracker Movement:

Fitness trackers, or wellness wearables, are ubiquitous in every setting from the gym to the conference room. As devices become increasingly cost-effective and user-friendly, it’s clear that this is a trend that will soon pass into a general state of being.

HR Technologist found that in 2017, 35% of employers used wearables to monitor health and fine-tune benefits plans. For those not using wearables, over 48%planned to initiate a plan within the year. Wherever your organization might be in the process—considering, implementing, or managing wearables—Benovate can leverage our experience with employee engagement and these devices on our platform.

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