April 21st, 2019

Scheduled Activities

Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

Let Benovate Help Plan Your Day!

Have you found yourself wanting to focus on establishing better habits but keep telling yourself you’ll “do it tomorrow”? Making healthy behavior changes isn’t always easy, especially when there are so many to focus on. But, with Benovate’s Scheduled Activities feature, making those changes is a breeze! Plan out your day, your week, your month, or even your year in advance, and get reminders to do them when it’s time.

So, how can Benovate can help you plan all these activities, and make changes once and for all? Let us show you!

Visit a Farmers Market

Have you been wanting to stop by the Farmer’s Market? Schedule a reminder in Benovate to prompt you to stop by after work.

Schedule a Game Night

Are you in need of a fun game night with your friends or family? Pick a day that works best for you and let Benovate send you a reminder.

Schedule an Appointment

Could you use an appointment with a financial planner? Schedule yourself a Benovate reminder.

Watch a Video

Do you want to watch a video on improving your work-life balance? Schedule the activity in the evening and complete it later in Benovate.

Where can you keep track of all your Scheduled Activities?

Click on the “Scheduled Activities” button in the menu to view and complete all your healthy activities.

Log into Benovate!

Have more control over when to engage in healthy behaviors by trying out the Scheduled Activities feature in http://portal.benovate.com or the Benovate App.

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