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Mikayla Borchert

Benovates’ Expert Blogger

Mikayla Borchert

Benovates’ Expert Blogger

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Relationship

Every season has its corresponding chores. Snow shoveling, house cleaning, grass cutting, and leaf raking are familiar to us all, but how often do you take care of your emotional responsibilities? This spring, we challenge you to try something new: spring cleaning for your relationships. Whether you’re looking for relationship growth with friends, family, or a romantic partner, designating some time for maintenance will achieve that goal.

Take Stock and Organize

Who are the people you connect with most often? Are you missing anyone you’ve lost touch with recently? Has anyone hurt you or broken your boundaries? What would you like to change about your social circle? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide who is most important to you and who might be holding you back. Once you understand your relationship health, you can begin taking steps to improve it.

Schedule a Seasonal Check-In

Do this with those you identified from step one. This might be more open and formal with a significant other, and it might just be grabbing lunch to catch up with a friend. The important part is making time for your relationships at least once each season, starting this spring. How are things at work? How are your partner’s parents? Are you on track with the family budget? Have your friend’s kids enjoyed any milestones recently? Checking on each other and staying involved are major components of relationship health.

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Enjoy the Absence of Winter

Now that it’s safe to spend time outside again, do just that. Get out of the house to exercise and socialize—together or apart. When you live with a partner or a roommate, you tend to spend the colder months cooped up inside, so take some time to nurture your solo relationship. It’s hard to have relationship growth when you’re missing out on personal growth. Having these experiences alone will also give you something to share with others. If you find a good running path, invite your partner sometime. If you discover a new musician, attend a concert with your roommate and friends.

Literally Spring Clean

If you live with someone, splitting up chores can be a stressful, frustrating ordeal. Take a day, open the widows, turn up the music, and clean your home together. Cleaning on a weekend might not sound like a good time, but it’s significantly more fun than doing it alone. You can pretend the broom handle is a microphone or guitar and jam out while improving your living space. It’ll be refreshing to tackle this big project as a team, and the work will go more quickly.

Draft a To-Do List of Fun

Relationships are a support system in unexpected times, but be sure to also plan carefree events with your loved ones. What do you want to do this spring and summer? Make a seasonal bucket list of activities you want to enjoy while the warm weather lasts. Bonus points if you do something healthy, such as going for a bike ride, kayaking, playing soccer, or cooking a meal with fresh produce from a farmers market. Sharing laughter and smiles will nurture and enhance your relationships—be there for each other in the good times too.

Spring cleaning shouldn’t end with your bathroom floor. You can maintain relationships in much the same way as your home, so swap the mop for a conversation with someone you love and strengthen the bond you share.

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