Turkey-Day Inspired Workouts

Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

By: Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

5 Simple Ways You Can Burn Those Thanksgiving Calories

Thanksgiving dinner is a meal worth celebrating. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, desserts…it’s all delicious, but unfortunately, not all that good for you. A typical Thanksgiving meal can take up all the recommended calories for daily intake (and then some, depending on your portioning). Averaging around 3000 calories in one sitting, it’s no wonder that most of us are looking forward to a nap after Thanksgiving dinner.

Such a large calorie intake can be hard on your body, too. We know this isn’t a daily occurrence for you, but it’s easy to reset with a few workouts. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to burn calories, allowing you to dig in to the pumpkin pie without guilt. Best of all, you can do any of these without extra equipment (and almost without leaving your house).


Burning Calories from a Thanksgiving Feast

Sign up for a Turkey Trot 5K (or make your own!)

Many communities now host early morning organized runs to help people burn a few more calories before packing more in. Running a 5K at an average of 10 minutes a mile, burns around 411 calories. This is equal to just about one slice of apple pie. If you aren’t a runner or don’t have any turkey trots nearby, make a point to take a brisk walk in the morning to jumpstart the fat-burning.

Earn Your Stuffing with Stair Running

If you’re in charge of the cooking, stair running is something you can squeeze in between basting the turkey and mashing the potatoes. When you have a moment, take a quick jog up and down the stairs. Ten minutes can burn almost 200 calories.

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Plank for that Pumpkin Pie

Planking is more than just a meme from a few years ago. It’s generally considered one of the best, most efficient exercises. Plus, you don’t need any extra equipment to do it. You’re shaping your waistline and improving posture just by balancing on your toes and arms. For added calorie burning, transition from a straight arm-plank to a forearm plank (and back) every ten seconds for two minutes. Try for three reps.

Benovate Card Series!

Benovate takes planking up another level this time of year with our annual Give Thanks and Do Planks featured series where we guide members through 10 days of different plank exercises. In addition, we encourage them to think of at least three things they are thankful for while doing the exercises.

Get your Groove on for Green Bean Casserole

Turn on your tunes and dance your way to burning calories. Fourteen minutes equals 70 calories, so get a dance party started with the family or turn the kitchen into your own concert hall. Although we’re not sure if singing burns more calories, too…

Get Winded for Wine

Yoga might have a reputation for being low impact and low energy, but it’s all up to the individual. Kick off your Thanksgiving with thirty minutes of sun salutations before you engage with the rest of the day to burn calories and find a little inner peace.

Reduce Stress and Manage Your Calorie Intake

Note that the calories burned will differ based on your body composition, but getting any type of a workout in before Thanksgiving dinner can lift your mood and help you manage stress better as well. Not to say that the holidays are stressful, per say, but you’ll be able to enjoy your meal, and your company, much more.

Looking for more ways you can stay active during the colder months, check out our latest blog “4 Ways to Have Fun and Stay Active as the Temps Drop.”


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