Halloween Themed Workouts

Mikayla Borchert

Benovate Blogger

By: Mikayla Borchert

Benovate Blogger

Get Yourself Into Spooky Shape!

As October comes to a close, it’s likely that your days are full of all kinds of sweets. Caramel apples and candy corn are Halloween staples, but they aren’t exactly the best for physical health. When making lifestyle changes, it’s important to introduce new, healthy traditions. Celebrate in style with these 5 Halloween themed workouts.

Get into the Halloween Spirit with These Five Spooky Themed Workouts:

Leaf Raking Race

The brilliantly colored leaves are beginning to fall, and cleaning them up can be quite a workout. If you don’t have a yard, try cleaning up a local park. This will improve your health and your community. Make a game out of it by inviting your neighbors and keeping track of how many bags each person fills. Laugh while you work! Embrace your inner child by jumping into the piles.

Scary movie shuffle

Get into spooky shape while enjoying your favorite Halloween classics. Look up a workout list or make one yourself. Try doing twenty squats every time someone screams or jumping jacks when a telephone rings. This is completely customizable, so choose exercises you enjoy. It’s a fun way to turn movie night into something healthy, and you can do it year-round. Be sure to replace the extra buttery popcorn with some fruits and vegetables.

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Squash your squats

October comes hand-in-hand with an abundance of squash. Choose one of the right size and weight for you, and incorporate it into your regular workout. Push-ups? Place your hands on a pumpkin. Lunges? Hold a squash in each hand. It’s a lot more fun than dumbbells, and you get to cook the squash when you’re done! Benovate is always coming up with fun ways to get active—log in to see for yourself!

Pumpkin Push-ups?

Can’t do a regular push-up yet? No problem! Start with wall push-ups or table/chair push-ups, then progress onto knee push-ups and then into full push-ups! Or maybe regular push-ups are too easy for you…try incline and/or decline push-ups

Monster Mash Dash

Who doesn’t love a little Michael Jackson on Halloween? The classic “Thriller” choreography is a must for October. If you want more of a challenge, try adding ankle weights or holding dumbbells. Don’t stop at Thriller! Make a Halloween workout playlist, gather some friends, and dance till you drop. Feel free to dress up, and remember to drink plenty of water.

Getting into character

There are plenty of regular exercises that can be jazzed up for Halloween health. A crab walk can become a spider walk. High kicks can be renamed to Frankenstein’s monster. A superman plank looks a lot like a ghost flying. Keep your legs flat and your arms straight for vampire sit-ups. Use your imagination and get into character to boost your physical health this Halloween.

Challenge Yourself!

It’s easy to sip hot cocoa under blankets with the chilly October weather, but that isn’t the best option for your health. These Halloween exercises will change your workouts for the best. Challenge yourself to try one of these each day. You’re sure to have fun while improving your physical health.

If you’re enjoying the spookiest time of year, log into our platform for some more fun activities! Look for the Pump Up With Pumpkins card to learn how to work your total body with a pumpkin.


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