Practical Ways to Find Happiness at Work
Meghan Hatalla
Benovate’s Expert Blogger
Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

There are good days, and bad days, but mostly, there are just days. Particularly when it comes to work. Unfortunately, though, it’s much easier to let a small bad something determine how we think of the say than a good something. But here’s the thing: according to Forbes — Srikumar Rao — we’re all in charge of creating our own experiences. 

Here are 8 Tips to Take Charge of Your Days Going Forward:
1.  Avoid Labels
Don’t think of things or events as bad or good. Focus on maintaining an equilibrium without surrendering peace of mind and calm.
2.  Practice Extreme Resilience
Extreme resilience is the ability to recover quickly when everything seems to go wrong. We spend a lot of time worrying about how things went, are going, or will go. This can cause us to feel  guilt, anxiety,, or other negative reactions. But by practicing resiliency, we’re able to bounce back more quickly and move on to meaningful things.
3.  Let Go of the Past
It’s easy to hold grudges. Or, at the very least, resentment over past issues. But guess what? You literally have nothing to gain by holding onto what may have happened in the past.  Work on letting it go.
4.   Avoid Jealousy
Just like holding grudges, jealousy doesn’t serve anyone. Your own successes will come, but in the meantime, don’t hold it against others.

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5. Find Passion in Yourself, Not Your Job
The grass is often greener… or at least, it’s easy to focus on the minutiae of work than the bigger picture. But the fact of the matter is, the perfect job doesn’t really exist. You’re always going to have to deal with less-than-great things at work. Jot down a few reminders that you can repeat to yourself when you’re frustrated, such as things that remind you your job has worth.
6. Look Back, Look Forward
Think about yourself then years ago. What problems did you have then that you still have now? Then consider your life ten years from now. Perspective!
7. Forget the if/then
Too often we frame happiness as a proposition. “If [this] happens, then I’ll be happy.” In reality, there’s nothing stopping you from being happy now.
8. Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome
Outcomes are totally our of our control. Focus on the steps you need to take, one at a time, to find value.
Start Finding Happiness Today!
Stay positive and realize you hold the key to your happiness. At the end of each day, reflect on how you felt throughout the day and what you can do to change things tomorrow. Finding happiness at work isn’t something tangible. It’s a frame of mind.

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