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Q1 - Good science starts with good data - Data gathering, data management, etc.


Q2 - Stellar Member engagement is the ONLY way to inspire real change


Q3 - Large groups face multiple issues, how do you manage the various fronts at once?


Q4 - Partner Program & Expert Highlights


JUNE 2018

2 representatives from AiRCare join us to discuss Member Engagement through a specialized program.

MAY 2018

The City of Brainerd joins us for the first time, sharing stories about how they’ve excelled at Member engagement.

APRIL 2018

Gary Ashley, Executive Vice President at Allied National, joins us to discuss large group administration.

MARCH 2018

Matthew Edwards from GemCare joins us to discuss how data can make all the difference. while driving real health changes.

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Our industry is always changing, always evolving. If we don’t stay on top of the latest advances, we’ll be doomed to fall behind. Join us every month as we explore topics important to us all.

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