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Benovate wellness contests & leaderboards

Creative Contest Metrics

Choose to run your Benovate contest based around steps, weight loss percentage, or even the Benovate Engagement Score.

Easy Participation

It’s simple for your employees to join a contest – A Benovate card will be offered to them right within the platform where they can choose to join with just a tap!

No More Paper Tracking

Leave the heavy lifting to Benovate! Participants can see their daily standings in the wellness contest leaderboard, and admins can see all the data behind the scenes.

Benovate Contests Are a Great Way to Motivate Your Group’s Members

Client admins can ever create their own custom contests through the admin dashboard in a few easy steps. Imagine being able to design, create and launch a new contest in a matter of minutes. From there, it only takes moments to login to the Benovate admin dashboard to see your group’s participation and progress! You could check in every day, or set it and forget it.

How Do I Promote Wellness in the Workplace with Contests?

We all know group activities and competition can be motivating, but even a simple steps contest can be hard to manage if you’re not properly supported with top-notch technology.

Benovate makes it easy to start, run, and follow up on a contest. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!


Connect Your Trackers

Benovate connects to steps trackers your employees might already be using, including free smartphone apps.


Off to a Great Start

Use the Benovate engagement score to inspire regular engagement when you kick off your new program or after a new benefits enrollment period.


Easy to see, Easy to track

View your standings in the Leaderboard during and for a short time after each contest.


Spread the Word

Get more of your employees signed up and engaged with Benovate by sponsoring a unique contest – offer prizes like movie tickets, leaving early on a Friday, or cafeteria gift cards!

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, But Contests Don’t Have to Be

See how fun wellness activities at work have had a huge impact on groups, especially with groups that don’t have a ton of extra time to run programs manually the old way.

Easy for Clients, Fun & Motivational for Members

Join > Watch > Engage

Members join Benovate Contests with a simple tap on their screens – Easy to find on desktop and on the mobile app!

Member & News Blogs

Read more about other new & advanced features included with Benovate

NEW FEATURE | Benovate Courses

One of Benovate’s core values is constant innovation. We’re always expanding the functionality and features in our platform to be able to serve our Members better. We are excited to unveil our latest feature—Benovate Courses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How Contests Work!

Are Contests included, or do I pay extra?
Contests are included in all instances of Benovate! You can also create Custom Contests yourself right within the Admin Dashboard.
Is it easy to create my own contest?
It sure is! But don’t worry, we’re here to help even the least tech-savvy Admin through the steps the first few times. We also have Admin Guides with clear screenshots to make it as easy as possible for any group.
What kind of contest can I run?
Lots of different kinds! You can choose between Steps, Weight Loss Percentage, and the Benovate Engagement score as your main tracking metric. And even more options are coming soon!
Who handles the prizes?
We wish we could be onsite with all our clients every day, but since we can’t, you and whomever you designate as your Benovate Admin will handle prizes and their distribution.
What if I don't want to make my owN?
No problem! Benovate runs several Member-wide Contests every year. Your employees, or group members, can simply join one of those!
What if I still have more questions?
We’re here to help you in your engagement and well-being journey – Please email sales@benovate.com to ask for a Demo, or Coaching Session specifically about Contests today!

Schedule a Discovery Demo by contacting our sales team today: sales@benovate.com

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