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Something you can stand behind –

Offer a fully-developed wellbeing option to your clients.


Offer a program you can stand behind –

Offer a fully-developed wellbeing option to your clients.

Their Culture + Benovate Patented Technology & Curated Content

Benovate is the best thing to arrive in the workplace since stand-up desks and breakroom brew taps.

When you’re considering doing more for your employer groups – consider how Benovate could solve your benefits, questions and goals.

Are your groups staying competitive with their benefits? 

According to the recent 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey by the Kaiser Foundation:

53% of small firms and 82% of large firms include employee health programs in their benefits package for at least one major area (smoking cessation, weight management, behavior or lifestyle coaching).





Wondering how Benovate can improve your employee health program? Talk to Benovate today about expanding your offering.

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Benovate Has All the Features You’ve Been Searching For – Learn More in our Success Stories

Connect your current programs through one easy-to-use portal – employees log in through the mobile or web app
Curated, well-researched content served to your members based on their likes, dislikes, and most importantly – their individual risks
Live data available to your admins 24/7 in the Benovate admin dashboard + simple, digital census updates
Custom content made simple! Create your own Cards, smart activities, contests, and more!

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