We drive insights

Stuck in a haystack of data? Or worse yet, have no data about your population at all? 

You can rely on Benovate’s simple-to-understand Engagement Dashboard and DIY cohort builder to drive a deep understanding of your people. Or lean on our standardized industry reports to make decisions on commonly known challenges.

Reliable and extensible

Our platform works without the need to external data sources but if you want to increase personalization, add your own content, plug-in telehealth or coaching partners, connect with personal wearables – Benovate does that.

Plus, we can easily intake standardized insurance claims, lab, or screening data.  

Any device, anywhere.

Thousands of users trust our proven platform hosted on AWS and is GDPR, HITRUST & HIPAA compliant.

Unlike other wannabe-companies, our platform is also fully mobile and includes Android and iOS apps. And for those who need a private-label solution, we’ve got that, too.

Extending the value-chain.

We’re always looking to add new content, telehealth, coaching, connectivity, and service partners to our current ecosystem. Please tell us more about your great solution and let’s push the enablement of human capacity even further – together. 

You know who you are.

Not every organization needs us. But those of you who are scrambling to economically, efficiently, and effectively build human capacity as an employer, member organization, or service-oriented business do –

And here’s likely what you’re looking to do:

  • Build resilience
  • Unlock joy
  • Improve collaboration
  • Create readiness
  • Upskill workforce
  • Squeeze productivity