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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Members and Clients of Benovate

How it works

Once you’ve signed up with Benovate, you’ll have designated Admins in your group who will own your unique Benovate.

Benovate Admins can create Custom Cards, or Surveys, access real-time data in the Benovate Admin Dashboard, and more!

Talk to your boss, or HR rep about implementing Benovate at your workplace today.


What is Benovate?
The Benovate Platform is a smart health engagement platform that learns your likes, dislikes, interests and health risks and with smart activities, proactively helps you in improving your overall health, providing balance, and learning about potential health risks.
How often should I be using Benovate?
Benovate is built to be used multiple times a day. The more you use the platform, the smarter the activities get and the better we can help you get healthier and live a more balanced life.


Why would I use Benovate?
Access health resources and activities that are based on your individual interests and needs! The more activities you do the more personalized it gets. Using the Platform helps you be proactive with your health to avoid or minimize health issues down the road.   Some employers even offer incentives for participating!


Where does my data go?
Your data is encrypted and secured on our cloud servers and is all locked away behind your password and security questions. Your data is yours!
Who has access to my data?
Privacy is our top concern at Benovate. All individual answers and activities done within the Benovate Cards are protected and are never shared with anyone. Only compiled group data can be accessed and shared with your employer.
Will my boss see my answers?
Our platform is designed to protect your privacy. Without your password and security questions (which only YOU know), your information appears as a series of numbers and letters that cannot be read by humans.
Will the information gathered impact the cost of my insurance?
No. We don’t share your personal information with insurance carriers.


How can I access Benovate?
Our platform is accessible on all modern smart phone’s, tablets and computers so that you are able to stay engaged in your health no matter where you are!
Does Benovate have an app?
Yes! Visit the Apple Store or Google Play and search “Benovate” to find the app. Please note that you still must have an account in order to use the app. Contact us at helpdesk@benovate.com if you are eligible and need to get set up.
How do I set my account?

You will need a verification link sent to you.  This will automatically be sent to you on your group’s launch date.  If you did not receive the email or can’t find it, request a resend by contacting helpdesk@benovate.com or 877-236-6828 with your name, employer, date of birth and desired email address.

More information

Can someone else just forward me their link?
No – This link is unique to each individual and increases your account security. More than one person cannot use the same verification link.
Can other members of my family use the platform, too?
Contact your benefits provider to determine eligibility.
What happens to my account when I leave my employer?
Your account is provided as a benefit from your employer, so once your employment is terminated, this benefit would as well unless special arrangements have been made with your employer.

Technical issues

How do I reset my password?
On the main login screen located at portal.benovate.com there is a link for “Forgot Password”. Click that link and follow the steps.
What if I need further assistance?
We are happy to help – please contact our Member Services team at helpdesk@benovate.com or 877-236-6828 and we will respond as soon as possible.


What are The Cards?
The Benovate Platform is a smart health engagement platform that learns your likes, dislikes, interests and health risks and with smart activities, proactively helps you in improving your overall health, providing balance, and learning about potential health risks.
What types of Cards are there?

There are four different types of cards – activities, content surveys and Healthy Choices (Limited Availability). Each category has cards to help you work towards balance in all areas of your life – physical, personal growth, financial health and relationships.

  • Activity Cards: Activities that you can do to lower risk and improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Content Cards: Educational materials based on your interests and needs.
  • Surveys: Quick questions that allow the Platform to get to know you so Activity and Content cards are more interesting and focused on you.
Why do Cards "grey out" or stop appearing when I scroll down?
Benovate is all about balance in all areas of life.  To help you find this balance, activities in a certain pillar, may start to blur or disappear as you do more of them so you can more easily focus on activities in the other pillars.  Using the icons in the Dashboard as a guide, your goal is to fill the bar beneath each pillar on a daily basis. Once the bar is filled you can complete a few more cards in that pillar before the associated activities will grey out & eventually disappear.  You will still see activities in the remaining pillars until you’ve reached the limit in those as well.  Don’t worry, activities in all pillars will be back tomorrow!
Can I dismiss or get rid of a Card I don't like, or doesn't apply to me?

Yes, the Hide/Skip feature is available on most cards and can be accessed by clicking the V in the upper right hand corner of the card.

  • Skip: The card will be dismissed for up to a year depending on the default frequency.  The length of time it will be skipped for will be indicated when clicking the V.  If the default frequency is greater than one year than you will only see the option to hide the card.
  • Hide: The card will be hidden for one year.

*Feature currently available via the web browser – mobile functionality coming soon!

What kind of information does Benovate provide?

It is not the intention of Benovate to censor any content on its website but rather to provide a holistic view of many different health issues. Benovate does not subscribe to any one way of addressing a health issue or treatment. However, Benovate does carefully research and vet all of the content on the website and works to make sure that the information is empowering to our members and their families and gives them resources and tools they can use to take control of their health to the greatest degree possible. By the very nature of information today, it is possible that the source or author of content may subscribe to certain beliefs that Benovate does not wholly subscribe to but may provide valuable tools and information to empower and educate our members. Our mission is to provide new ideas and innovative ways to confront challenging health issues, which may run counter to conventional viewpoints.

The content provided in this website is not intended to treat or cure any disease. You should always consult a physician about any treatment related issues. The content that Benovate provides is for educational purposes only and is not designed to be prescriptive in any manner. The content provided in this website does not necessarily reflect the views of Benovate or its employees.

The Dashboard: Engagement score

What does the number on the Engagement Score tile mean?

This number is your Engagement Score. True health goes beyond the physical and also includes things like relationship health, financial health and growth. Your Engagement Score is based on your completion of activities within each of those domains of health. Shoot for 100 each day!

Why do the icons fade & get a check mark?

Each icon represents one of the 4 pillars – Physical Health, Financial, Growth & Relationship.  Complete activities to fill the bar below each of the pillars daily.  A check mark will appear on the icon once you’ve hit your daily goal for a pillar and the icon will fade when you’ve reached your daily limit.

What are the larger bars under the Score and icons for?

These bars help you see your progress over the past 7 days. The longer the bar, the higher your Engagement Score for that day once.  The goal is to have equal parts of each color within the bar.  You’ll only see bars for the days you’ve been active, so if it’s been a while since you’ve been in the platform you may not see these.

The Dashboard: Points & incentives

What are points?

Points are earned by completing activities and surveys on the Benovate platform.  Activities that take more time or might have more impact typically are worth more points.

What are Lifetime Points?

The total number of points earned throughout the “lifetime” of the user’s activity in the platform. These points will never decrease.

What is Lifetime Earned & Left to Earn?

If your employer is offering an incentive for participating, your points convert into dollars once you complete a healthy activity or answer a survey question. Your “Lifetime Earned” dollars show how much you have earned since you started using Benovate, while your “Left to Earn” dollars show how much you have left to earn based on your employer specific incentive & plan year.  Not all groups are utilizing the incentive feature – please see your Overview Guide or program administrator for your specific program details.

Why am I earning points, but no dollars?

All of our activities are categorized into different “activity groups” based on the main topic or risk it impacts most. Limits are in place to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do activities in multiple groups.  If your program sponsor is providing incentive dollars, you may have reached a limit within a certain activity group, which will allow you to continue doing the activities for points but you will no longer earn dollars in that specific activity group.

The Dashboard: the top risks tile

If I'm healthy, why do I have risks listed?

Risks are determined based on answers to the Benovate Living Heath Risk Assessment, biometric data and tracker data loaded into your platform.  These may be existing conditions, but answers to questions may have indicated that you may be at risk of developing a condition down the road by continuing with particular lifestyle habits.

What determines the ranking of risks?

Health Risks are ordered by importance, and are ranked based on the impact on the average person’s health, the cost to manage the potential complications of that risk, and the platform’s ability to help mitigate that risk.

The Dashboard: Your profile

What if I need to change something in my profile?

Please see your program administrator and encourage them to submit a census update.  All profile information is based on information provided to us by your administrator on their census.

The Dashboard: Health Snapshot

What should I be able to see in the Health Snapshot Tile?
Up to five metrics can show in the Health Snapshot tile in the Benovate Dashboard, depending on what data is being synced – Steps, Weight, Calories, Sleep and Workouts. If any of these data points aren’t being synced, a Connect button will show in the tile.
Can I see all of the data that my device is tracking?
This is a “Snapshot” and is not meant to replace existing tracker apps. Instead, we are bringing together the information from the various apps so you can see recent changes and where you are in comparison to your most recent data.
How do I see my data?
Connect a tracker device or app by clicking “Connect” in the Health Snapshot Tile.  Once you connect, it may take up to 24 hours to sync the data. If you are already connected and are not seeing updated data, you may need to log into your trackers app so it can sync with your device.

The benovate living HRA

How does the Benovate Living HRA work?

The Benovate Living HRA helps identify health risks based on health information as well as answers to questions about finances, growth and relationships.  Branching logic is used to determine follow up questions depending on previous answers, so you aren’t answering questions that are irrelevant to your situation.

Why didn't I have to answer anything when I tried to take my HRA?

Once you hit “Begin HRA”, the platform will do a scan to see if there are any questions to be answered.  If you are up-to-date, you will see the progress bar move along as it scans each of the topic sections to see if there’s anything you need to answer.  If you’ve already answered certain questions in the platform, then they may count towards the HRA, making your “all-at-once” experience shorter or automatically skipping you to the end.

How often will the HRA need to be taken?

Since life changes, you may see some questions pop up again now and then to check in and modify content as needed. All questions have different frequencies depending on the type of question. Some you may see annually, others more or less frequently.  This allows the platform to gain more information when needed, while avoiding asking irrelevant questions when it’s not.

What happens with my answers?

Based on your answers, you may be identified with a risk. This may be an immediate risk or diagnosis that you know about, but it may also be a future risk, meaning if you continue with current habits it may result in a disease or condition in the longer term.  You can find your tagged risks in your profile.  The activity and content cards you see in the platform will adjust based on your answers so your resources and experience is unique to you. Some questions will have a 1:1 relationship with the types of cards you see, other times a combination of answers will result in you seeing particular cards.


Why should I connect my tracker?

Connecting a tracker will allow you to receive more personalized cards, compete in Contests, and automatically earn points for healthy activities or progressing in your goals.  All you have to do is log in to redeem those points!

What does Benovate do with my tracker data?

Your app data (steps, weight, body fat, floods climbed, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.) will activate cards when certain goals are achieved. Once connected, the systems sync so we never see your individual data.  If you opt into certain Contests – Steps or Weight Loss, for example – tracker data determines your progress and ranking.

What types of trackers can I connect?

A tracker can be a wearable fitness tracker, health app, or even a scale, blood pressure cuff, or glucometer. To see the list of trackers and apps that you can connect, go to My Profile in the menu and scroll through My Trackers.

What if I don't have a wearable device?

Benovate connects with many apps that can track steps and other activities right through your phone, even if you don’t have a wearable tracker device.  Moves App and MapMyWalk (or other MapMy… apps) are a few of the phone apps that can track steps without a wearable device.  LiveTracker must be turned on for the MapMy apps.  Background tracking must be enabled in your phone settings for most apps.  Benovate only serves cards based on data automatically tracked by the app, not self-entered data.

How do I connect or disconnect a tracker?

To connect, either click “Connect” on the “Connect a Device” card or visit “My Profile” in the platform menu, click “connect” and follow the prompts. To disconnect, go to “My Profile” in the menu, find the app you’d like to disconnect and click “Disconnect”.


What is a Contest?

Contests in the Benovate platform are a way members can compete with other members for the most steps within a time frame, the largest weight loss percentage, or the highest Engagement Score.

How do I join a Contest?

If a contest is available, you can sign up by clicking the button on the Contest announcement card. Once the Contest begins, you can no longer join the Contest and the sign-up card will no longer be seen.

Why don't I see anything about a Contest in my platform?

Contests only run during set time frames.  Benovate will host all-member Contests throughout the year, but your program administrator can also start a Contest for your group only.  If you are interested in a Contest specific to your group, please contact your program administrator.

How do I know my ranking?

Once the contest begins and for 7 days after the contest, you can click the button on the Contest card to view the Leaderboard.

What if I don't want my ranking on the Leaderboard?

Upon joining the contest, you are asked to opt in, which includes agreeing to have your ranking and Contest metric shown to others participating in the contest.  If you don’t want your ranking and Contest metric shown, do not join the Contest.

I no longer want to be in a Contest, can I remove myself?

No, once you join a contest and opt in, you will be part of the Contest until it has ended.


What should I expect when I start a Course?
Courses allow you to dive deeper into a specific topic. They consist of education (text, graphics, videos, and/or audio), surveys and quizzes. Since Courses are more in depth, they will take longer to complete than a typical card.  On average, Lessons take about 10-20 minutes, but this may vary depending on the topic. Courses are broken down into several Lessons so you do not have to complete the entire Course all at once.
Why should I take a Course?
Information and activities seen within the cards will become more relevant based on surveys & quizzes, plus you can earn more points with Courses! Some programs may use Courses as a reasonable alternative – see your Overview Guide or talk to your program administrator for details if this applies to you.
How do I access a Course?

When you log into Benovate, you will see the Lesson One card for any course you are eligible for.  Once you begin a Course, an In Progress card will be pinned at the top of the cards until the course is finished.

A course can also be started, continued, or reviewed from the Courses Tile in the Dashboard. Clicking “View More” will expand the tile.

Why am I seeing Courses on some of these topics?

Some conditions or topics that are so prevalent, that we decided to make them available to everyone.  Understanding or getting back to the basics is beneficial for most people, either for themselves or a loved one.

What if I’m interested in a topic that I don’t see a Course for?

We are continually developing content and adding to our Course library, so continue doing other activities in Benovate and check the Courses Tile occasionally to see what’s new.

Biometric screenings & medical review**

I have questions about the Biometric Screening or Medical Review. Where can I get more info?

Click here to get your questions about biometric screenings & medical reviews answered.

Virtual Care

What is virtual care?

Virtual care, or telehealth, is a faster, easier way to see a medical provider.  You can have video visits with a MeMD medical provider from you webcam enabled computer or smartphone by logging into your Benovate account.  Click “Start a Virtual Care Visit” to get started. It’s easy to use, private, and secure.

When can I use virtual care through Benovate?

For those who are eligible, this service is available 24/7/365.  You don’t have to go anywhere, so it’s convenient to use when you’re traveling, too sick or busy to go into the doctor’s office, or aren’t sure if something needs medical attention.  Virtual care may be used for non-emergency, low acuity medical issues or conditions.

Where do I find more information about telehealth/virtual care?

Click here to check out our Benovate Virtual Care FAQ.

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